What is ATG

Art Tokyo Global (ATG) is an Art Exhibition, Film Production, and Digital Art Company headquartered in Singapore, with wholly-owned subsidiaries in Tokyo, Japan, and Shanghai, China.

ATG runs Asia’s largest art exhibition events, including Art Fair Tokyo, Art Stage Osaka, ArtKYOTO, and Daimaru Matsuya National Art Exhibition Tour. It is also active in Film Creative, Production, and Distribution of NFT Art Films. In July 2022, ATG completed the production of the World’s first NFT 70-minute Art Film – "SHIP" which will have a global launch within the year. In addition, ATG has developed its Future Art Tokyo (FAT) Collection Platform offering a digital art production and NFT marketplace for emerging artists in Asia. By 2023, the Company expects to have 2,000+ talented Asian artists in its FAT Collection and extend its platform to other emerging artists from Singapore and ASEAN countries.

Leveraging vast experience in the art scene, ATG has integrated Art, Films, and Technologies to break new ground and offer new and unique experiences for art lovers. The goal is to build the largest global platform for Asian artists and art lovers.

ATG sets out to be the world's leading platform that bridges art between the real world, and blockchain. With an abundance of artists under their roster, ATG migrates their artists to the blockchain, either with pre-existing artwork that they have done in real life ("phygital"), or creating never-before-seen artwork for their to-be-launched NFT collections.

Art Tokyo Global (ATG) looks towards not only bringing the art of their artists to the world through blockchain, but also to establish a two-way bridge, enabling Web 3.0 native artists to have a chance to have their works brought to life in real-world art exhibitions and fairs through the various events done by ATG, i.e. Art Fair Tokyo, Art Stage Osaka, ArtKYOTO, and Daimaru Matsuya National Art Exhibition Tour.

Art Tokyo Global Pte Ltd (ATG) and Shanghai Film Co., Ltd (SFC) have also jointly announced a strategic partnership to develop a variety of businesses, including digital collectibles centered on the World's first NFT Art Film, "SHIP" using Web 3.0 Technology, Metaverse, and other advanced technologies. The partnership will form a strong network for promoting art from Asian artists to the World, and some of the collaboration areas include:

  1.  Production and publication of digital art using Web3.0 technology
    (a) Production of digital artworks of Asia artworks;
    (b) Sales of digital artworks from Asian Artists; and
    (c) Production and sales of collaborative artworks by Asian artists.
  2. Production, promotion, and branding of the World's first NFT Art Film, "SHIP"
    (a) Event program for the branding of the NFT Art Film "SHIP"; and
    (b) Collaborate on various areas centering around the next sequel of "SHIP."
  3. Planning, implementing, and operating art exhibitions and Location-based Entertainment derived from the NFT Art Film "SHIP".
    (a) Organizing and operating art exhibition and sales events for branding of the NFT Art Film "SHIP"; and
    (b) Joint production and implementation of the "Around by SHIP" Location-based Entertainment project, a spin-off project from the above exhibition and sales events.

Mr. Naohiko Kishi, Chairman and Executive Producer of ATG:

"This important strategic partnership is a strong endorsement of our innovations in Art and Film combining with the Latest Technologies to set new standards for art creation and unique experiences for art lovers.”

Mr. Steven Zhang, CEO of ATG:

"Our partnership with SFC will bring together the Asian artists and allow us to deliver more content in our exhibitions and offer new experiences using Location-based Entertainment. This strategic partnership will offer a global platform for Asian artists to showcase their work and create more exciting content in the newly created World of Metaverse."

Blockchain How-Tos

All projects are hosted on the Ethereum(Ξ) network.

Enter and view a project site while connected to Metamask. If you do not already have Metamask installed, visit https://metamask.io/ to install the extension in your browser.

Once you're connected, you'll see a purchase button for each project in their respective project pages.

When you click the purchase button, you should see a Metamask window pop-up for you to approve the purchase transaction. It will show the price for the mint as well as the estimated gas/transaction fees for executing the purchase. Click "Confirm" to proceed with your purchase.

After the purchase is confirmed you will should receive your NFT shortly. It is represented on the Ethereum network by a token which is a standard ERC721A*-compatible NFT token, and will instantly be able to see it in your account on various marketplace platforms like OpenSea.

*Compared to ERC-721, ERC-721A offers significant gas savings when minting multiple NFTs simultaneously. It will be possible to mint multiple NFTs for the same gas price as minting a single NFT with the ERC-721A contract.

Note: If the Ethereum blockchain is backlogged and your token takes too long to mint, you might not be able to see the token image upon minting it. The token will only appear in your "my items" page once the purchase is confirmed.

It is of paramount importance that you do not click on any links and interact with them if they are NOT posted by any of our official channels of information. Always double-check and verify the authenticity of links first before clicking into them. Missteps that cause you falling prey to malicious actors on the blockchain are unfortunately not rectifiable by the team as blockchain transactions are irreversible. Do exercise self due-diligence and stay vigilant. All official channels of information of ATG can be found at the footer of our site.


Do not answer unsolicited direct messages.

Do not engage in trust-based trades.

Make sure you’re buying a piece that originates from an authentic Art Tokyo Global address. (check the contract address on OpenSea)

Use common sense. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

All of our projects will be covered under either NFT License 2.0 or CCBY-NC 4.0

NFT License 2.0: https://www.niftylicense.org/

CCBY-NC 4.0: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/

If you have any questions about the appropriate use of an art piece, please contact the artist directly for permission or clarification, otherwise you can ask through us, the ATG staff, on Discord and we will explain the rights to you in full detail.

More FAQ

Join us in our Discord server and feel free to ask the staff any questions you might have, and we will get to you as soon as possible, as best as we can.