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Art Tokyo Global (ATG) is an Art Exhibition, Film Production, and Digital Art Company headquartered in Singapore, with subsidiaries in Tokyo, Japan, and Shanghai, China.


ATG runs Asia’s largest art exhibition events, including Art Fair Tokyo, Art Stage Osaka, ArtKYOTO, and Daimaru Matsuya National Art Exhibition Tour. It is also active in Film Creative, Production, and Distribution of NFT Art Films. In July 2022, ATG completed the production of the World’s first NFT 70-minute Art Film – "SHIP" which will have a global launch within the year. In addition, ATG has developed its Future Art Tokyo (FAT) Collection Platform offering a digital art production and NFT marketplace for emerging artists in Asia. 


By 2023, the Company expects to have 2,000+ talented Asian artists in its FAT Collection and extend its platform to other emerging artists from Singapore and ASEAN countries.


Leveraging vast experience in the art scene, ATG has integrated Art, Films, and Technologies to break new ground and offer new and unique experiences for art lovers. The goal is to build the largest global platform for Asian artists and art lovers.


ATG sets out to be the world's leading platform that bridges art between the real world, and blockchain. With an abundance of artists under their roster, ATG migrates their artists to the blockchain, either with pre-existing artwork that they have done in real life ("phygital"), or creating never-before-seen artwork for their to-be-launched NFT collections.


Meet The Founders


Steven Zhang

Chief Executive Officer

Steven Zhang(张松峰) is the embodiment of “never sticking with the status quo”, constantly trying, challenging and innovating. In just three and a half years of starting a business, he grew his company, “Shengfeng (上海晟峰软件有限公司)" from a small company with 15 employees and 200,000 USD in capital, into a diversified operation workforce of about 770 employees at present with hundreds of millions in capital assets; a high-tech enterprise group with its own industrial layout.

The company's main customers include NEC, Hitachi, HBA, OBC, OBS, Japan's SOFTWARE, OKI and other internationally renowned large enterprises. In June 2003, a subsidiary was established in Tokyo, Japan, and offices in Osaka, Fukuoka and  Nagoya. At present, there are 7 wholly-owned subsidiaries in China, and a large embedded software development company has been established in cooperation with Ningbo Oaks Company, a large software development base has been established in Wuxi, and a first-class software development training center has been established in Ningbo.

At the same time, it has established several joint venture subsidiaries with Japan's famous NEC, Solan, OBS and other large enterprises to strengthen cooperative relations through capital ties.


Naohiko Kishi

Chairman, Executive Producer

Naohiko Kishi founded Art Tokyo Association in May 2015, since when he has served as executive producer of Art Fair Tokyo, the largest international art fair in Japan. He plans and produces a wide range of art-related projects that aspire to develop the art market in Japan and promote arts and culture. 

In his current role, he organizes Art Fair Tokyo as a place for international exchange through arts and culture, in partnership with the Cabinet Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan Tourism Agency, and local governments and embassies. In addition to  contributing to the development of the art scene in Japan by attracting many media outlets and widely disseminating information both domestically and abroad, his activities foster global interchange across many fields via the interface of art. 

Since 2016, Art Tokyo Association has conducted the Japanese Art Industry Market Research Survey. Moreover, it has contributed to regional regeneration by such efforts as art tourism services that introduce non-Japanese visitors to the appeals of areas around Japan through art. Kishi also works to expand the reach of culture and the arts, including in his role as chair of the proposal selection committee for an Agency for Cultural Affairs venture in 2017 to create and promote arts and culture strategically in the field of visual art.



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